Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

machine fibre de laser


iso cnc machine

Application :

Fiber laser machine collocates with the advanced IPG laser generator which emits laser beam with high energy density. The laser beam is focused on the surface

of work-piece as an ultrafine focus facula and causes the irradiated area instantly melted and vaporized. The CNC system automatically controls the laser cutter

to achieve the cutting mission.The laser equipment is constituted with the advanced laser technology, CNC technology and mechanical technology. It’s applicable

to processing metal sheets such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum and metal pipes. It has been widely used in plate processing, machinery

manufacturing, and precision processing, etc.

Technical Data:

configuration laser

Processing capacity :

laser machine

The parameters of cutting ( Just for reference):


Machine Pictures:

machine laser fibre machine laser metal machine laser metale découpe metal découpe metal découpe métal découpe métal.